• Luxury Spa Ritual - single bath soak
    Shanti Hum (I am Peace) 
    Peace is my essential nature.
    I radiate calmness.
    I bring love to myself and others.
    I am peace and love.
    Embrace your inner Goddess, you are Devi. 
    Immerse yourself in an indulgent bath ritual experience with organic, nourishing minerals and healing essential oils. Relax the body & mind as you create a tranquil self-care sanctuary to rejuvenate your skin naturally. 
    Inspire your spirit while therapeutic salts revitalize your skin and reduce your stress.  Made with the finest pain-relieving Epsom & Himalayan Pink Salts, detoxifying Bentonite Clay, soothing Lavender Essential Oil, age-defying Frankincense Essential Oil, and moisturizing Jojoba Oil.
    Small Batch, Hand Blended
    Organic, 100% Plant-Based (vegan) and never tested on animals
    Free of alcohol, petroleum-based ingredients, phthlates, glycerin, parabens, and dyes
    Price is for 3.5oz packet 
    Made in USA
    USPS ground
    Pick up your order in Beaverton, OR within 3-5 business days of order (must make arrangements with owner for pick up orders)
    Local tax is collected per item

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