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- Limited Supply - 
This small batch ceremonial Moon Water spray has been blessed through an incredible Green Tara container and full moon ceremony. Each bottle is infused with Reiki energies and blessed in nature.  Pure, organic essential oils add fragrance to invigorate your senses. Ethically sourced crystals have been added to your bottle for high vibrational love energy that aligns with your heart center.  

You will receive an intuitive message from Source with your order.

Use this spray to freshen your linens, as an altar spray, for room freshening scent, and to moisturize your skin. Wherever this is sprayed, the healing Reiki energies will flow.  This Moon Spray will aid in your connection to self-love and healing, as well as filling your aura and environment with compassionate frequencies. 

Spray Bottle - amber glass 

Ceremonial Moon Water Spray


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