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  • The healing properties of crystals can raise the vibrations that we feel around us. When you keep crystals near you, you will feel energized, protected, balanced, grounded, calm, and centered. 
    As a Reiki Energy Healer, I have combinations of crystals to meet your intention. Each set is infused with Reiki energy and charged intention. 
    ** Stones measure ½ to 1 inch wide.**  All sets include an organza drawstring bag to keep your stones in along with a description of the stones 
    Natural crystals are all unique, therefore the colors, shapes and textures of crystals may vary slightly.  
    Note: Crystology does not substitute medical advice. Please see a medical professional for any health concerns. 
    Packaging:  Every order is safely packaged and wrapped with bubble wrap so that your items will not be damaged during shipping.
    Shipping times:  All orders ship within 2-4 business days, unless otherwise noted.
    All sales are final!  I only offer returns or replacements if the item is damaged or defective.
    Not recommended for young children.

    Healing Crystal Collection (infused with healing energy)


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