( Selfless service )
Figure of a Deva Clasping Hands
All Hands In

GIving back

Seva means selfless service in Sanskrit.  As the divine feminine, we not only receive love, but we give love back into the world.  Seva arises from the desire to help others and to share compassion and kindness.  

Devi Wellness Spa embraces the passion of seva by supporting local organizations as they give to others.  Together, we will inspire growth and be the change we wish to see in this world.  

Holiday 2020 Fundraiser

100% of net sales from Devi Wellness Spa products will be donated to Lolo Light Foundation.  

Please join us in supporting the organization , Lolo Light Foundation.  Their mission is to provide survivor care, education, and advocacy for child victims of human trafficking and sexual abuse.  Lolo Light creates a safe environment where these children can heal through art and nature at their wellness workshops.  Lolo Light Foundation has a vision of a future where all children can live with safety, love, and dignity.   You can be part of this meaningful mission by supporting them through donations, sponsorship, and purchasing products from the Lolo Shop.  Visit for more information.  We honor you and are grateful for your support.  Together, we will raise the vibrations of our community. 


Shanti   Shanti   Shanti