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Devi is the Sanskrit word for 'goddess' and means heavenly, divine, and higher excellence.  A goddess is seen as absolute beauty and a divine feminine.  Awaken your divine feminine, your shakti, by showering yourself with love and gratitude.  Receive love in and give love out to the universe.  Ground yourself with Mother Earth.  Relax, surrounded by the elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water.  Pause and become aware of your inner self, your intuitive self.  Share this infinite energy with the universe.  As you become aware of your truth, that you are a goddess, you will radiate this to all around you.  Incorporating healing Reiki Therapy, bath rituals, healthy supplements, and nourishing skincare free of toxins,  can assist in elevating your vibration. You are Devi.  Honor your body, your inner voice, and awaken your power within.  

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Devi Wellness spa incorporates a holistic approach to health by integrating the physical, mental, and spiritual BOdy.  

“I loved this comprehensive spa package.  The bath salts left my skin feeling silky smooth and the lavender was relaxing.  I plan to keep the adorable bottle for other uses.  You can buy bath salts anywhere, but this was a spa experience that was thoughtfully crafted.  A perfect at-home retreat during covid. ”

- Rachel, Portland,OR
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“This pandemic has made me realize how important harmony is in our daily lives.  Now, more than ever, I am finding people seeking spiritual guidance, wellness, and ways to manage their stress, as well as dreaming of balance in their life.  This is why I am here. This is my purpose.”

                                                         – Jennifer Haycox

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